Remote Hiring

Select a suitable Motion Graphic Designer in 24 hours to join you.

  • Discuss your Requirement

  • Test & Evaluate Candidate

  • Start assigning tasks

Remote Onboarding

Dedicated designer joins your team full time remotely.

  • Schedule tasks for your designer online

  • Brief on agency creative guidelines

  • Plan entire week or month for the designer

Remote Project Management

Collaborate and communicate with ease.

  • Provide detailed feedback online

  • Schedule calls via skype, zoom etc

  • Connect your team members

Remote Productivity

Assign tasks from anywhere.

  • Review daily task updates

  • Evaluate turn around time & quality

  • Measure communication & collaboration standards

  • Schedule weekly team meetings

State of the art infrastructure

Intel powered Workstations

Nvidia accelerated hardware

Adobe creative software suite

Start a service trial

Cinque Terre


Cinque Terre


  • Know upfront if your new hire is a right fit

  • Evaluate Vidzzy’s service & support features

  • Experience how it works